AdrianLambert Photography | What do you do at a 'typical' wedding.

A typical Wedding day starts with the arrival of my assistant and I at the Brides house (or place of preparation). After introductions I make a quick survey of the location with my assistant to verify preferred locations for some 'formal' shots. Once satisfied all is OK I depart leaving my assistant to cover the preparation and Bridal party departure formals. I make my way either to the Grooms place of preparation (if required) but normally to the venue. UK Grooms are rarely keen on prep shots!

candm-14-7Bridal prep photography   dandg-14-2Groom Prep photography   gandd14-68Bridal prep

At the venue I verify everything is as expected and then capture pre wedding shots from around the location. As guests start arriving I progress to 'people' shots and of course, am ready for the arrival of the Grooms party. Once everybody is settled I capture some informal group shots and await the arrival of the Bridal party.

sandr-14-181Wedding Venue Photography   Dorset Wedding GuestsAbbots bury Gardens Wedding Guests   eandb_59Dorset Groom and Best Man

The Bridesmaids arrive and then the Bride and Father, followed at a distance by my assistant (so she doesn't get in your shots) We cover the Bridal party and then take our positions for the Ceremony, Venue permitting. After the ceremony we give you some time to catch your breath before proceeding to the formals, if required. Normally a maximum of 30 mins on the formal's depending on your requirements.


EandN_14_187Compton acres bride arrival   hand-13_180Beaulieu Abbey Wedding Ceremony   sandr-14-439Purbeck Wedding group Photo

The formals can be taken either at the Ceremony Location or at the Reception Location, if different. No hard and fast rules.

My assistant and I now merge into the background, concentrating on candid emotion and character shots. We continue in this mode until you sit down for the Wedding Breakfast. Once seated we leave you and your guests alone to enjoy the meal. Nobody looks good with a mouthful of food !

Purbeck golf club viewDorset Wedding Sunset   aandm-13_302Sandbanks Beach Wedding   Dorset Wedding PhotographyDorset Bridal Modelling

Meal completed and we recommence working ready for the speeches and cake cutting. We continue now, in the background through out your evening. This includes the first dance and quite a few more. Once we feel we have enough evening shots and/or we might be discouraging people from 'letting their hair down' we say goodbye and leave you to enjoy the remainder of your day. With our Photo Guestbook service, we setup a small studio and take photographs of your guest, formal or fun, reviewed immediately on our screens, no charge for retakes. They then sign a guestbook. We scan the guestbook and combined with their chosen image produce a fold flat coffee table book for you. Running this service often means we stay later than the DJ !


dandg-gb-14-30Props Photo Guestbook   IMG_0049informal Photo Guestbook   Dorset Wedding ReceptionReportage Wedding Photography  

If convenient to you we do like to take the Bride and Groom away from the guests for 30mins to 1 hour, so that we can do some posed shots. This is entirely optional, but we feel it add's some very special images to your selection.

This is of course a 'typical day' and every Wedding is different, so we are very flexible to your needs and stress the importance of our pre-wedding visit and chat.

See you soon

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